Smith River Greenway

Smith River Greenway

The first leg of the City of Eden’s Smith River greenway system is now open!  A new trailhead for the Smith River Greenway is located on the east side of the Smith River, just downstream of the Spray traffic circle and Island Ford Bridge. 

The trail is level and smooth and extends for approximately 1.7 miles to the Eden Family YMCA on Kennedy Street. Interesting plants and wildlife are to be found along the trail.

From the circle, the Greenway can be accessed by crossing the Smith River on Meadow Road and turning right. Parking, picnic shelter and rest room facilities are available at the trailhead. Benches are located along the trail. 

The Eden greenway along the Smith River was a project of one of DRBA’s founders, Mike Covey. Mike met with all of the landowners to gain their approval, and he worked tirelessly to make this beautiful trail possible.

The next phase of the planned city-wide system will extend the greenway up river beyond the bridge toward the Spray dam.